Criteria for Reviews
  1. Topics should have broad, interdisciplinary appeal
  2. Text should be understandable not only to ecologists and environmental scientists but also to those in related disciplines
  3. Length: about 150 words for the abstract, 3500 words for the main text, not including the  abstract, not more than 50 references, and a total of 6/7 figures, tables, and/or panels
  4. A limited number of additional figures, tables, and/or panels may be included as web-only material for the journal’s website; however, if this material exceeds four journal pages, an additional page charge will be added to the cost of publication; alternatively, very large datasets or other long or complex materials can be included as pdfs; these will not be converted to the journal’s design style
  5. Writing style must be crisp, concise, and accessible, and should avoid or explain all terminology and concepts that might be unfamiliar to a broad, multidisciplinary readership
  6. Content should involve one or more of the following:
    • Topics with important policy or resource management implications (this should be an underlying theme in all Frontiers papers and should be reflected in a strong Conclusions section, involving a discussion of  the implications of the work)
    • Research with practical applications
    • Global environmental or resource issues
    • Fundamental, novel advances in ecological science or related areas
    • Use of new approaches, techniques, or technologies to address current and/or long-standing ecological/environmental issues