David Schimel, California Institute of Technology



Assigning Editors

Jill S. Baron, USGS

Timothy E. Essington, University of Washington

Andrew O. Finley, Michigan State University

Erik J. Nelson, Bowdoin College

Emily H. Stanley, University of Wisconsin

Data Editor

William K. Michener, University of New Mexico

Subject Matter Editors

Matthew P. Ayres Dartmouth College population dynamics of forest insects
Stephen B. Baines Stony Brook University ecosystem function and community structure
Marissa L. Baskett University of California - Davis theoretical population, community, and evolutionary ecology applied to conservation biology
John B. Bradford USGS impact of global change on terrestrial ecosystems
Alison K. Brody University of Vermont ecological and evolutionary consequences of multiple species interactions - interactions among plants, pollinators, pre-dispersal seed predators, herbivores and nectar robbers
Dianne Brunton Massey University conservation
Bradley J. Butterfield Northern Arizona University community ecology, plant functional ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeography
Hinsby Cadillo-Quiroz Arizona State University microbial ecology, carbon cycling
Emil Cienciala Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Ltd. forestry
William S. Currie University of Michigan linkages among carbon, nutrient, and water cycling and energy flows and transformations in terrestrial ecosystems and human-environment systems
Paul Dayton Scripps Institution of Oceanography coastal ecology, invertebrates, fisheries issues as they relate to coastal ecology, management; no modeling or statistics
Beth Gardner University of Washington quantitative ecology, populations
Trenton W. J. Garner Zoological Society of London amphibian infectious diseases
Nancy F. Glenn Boise State University remote sensing, dryland ecology
Jacob Goheen University of Wyoming animal-plant interactions, community dynamics and structure, and conservation biology
Claudio Gratton University of Wisconsin landscape ecology in both agricultural and natural systems
Michael E. Hellberg Louisiana State University molecular evolution, population genetics, speciation, and biogeography of marine animals
N. Thompson Hobbs Colorado State University ecological modeling; animal ecology; land-use and climate change
Elisabeth Huber-Sannwald Instituto Potosino de Investigación Cientifica y Tecnológica arid lands
Olaf Jensen Rutgers University marine and fisheries
Fred A. Johnson USGS decision science in natural resource management
Ryan S. King Baylor University aquatic ecosystems
Ilsa B. Kuffner USGS coral reef ecology
David A. Lytle Oregon State University evolutionary ecology, disturbances such as floods, droughts, and dams, aquatic insects
Bruce G. Marcot USDA Forest Service wildlife population viability, assessment of biodiversity, and ecologically sustainable land-use planning
John M. Marzluff University of Washington corvids and conservation of endangered birds
Constance I. Millar USDA Forest Service population-, evolutionary-, and conservation-genetics of conifer forests; climate change
Deborah A. Neher University of Vermont soil ecology, biological indicators
Christer Nilsson Umeå University aquatic/riparian
Tim O'Brien Wildlife Conservation Society biostatistics
Julian D. Olden University of Washington ecology, conservation, and management of freshwater systems
Yude Pan USDA Forest Service carbon and nitrogen in forests
Jonathan N. Pauli University of Wisconsin response of mammal populations and communities to human disturbance
Derric Pennington
World Wildlife Fund-US/University of Minnesota human dimensions and ecosystem services; agricultural ecology
Éva E. Plaganyi CSIRO assessment modelling, ecosystem modelling and management strategy evaluation
Brice X. Semmens Scripps Institute of Oceanography quantitative ecology
Carolyn Hull Sieg USDA Forest Service fire, ponderosa pine, invasives
John C. Stella SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry riparian ecology, watershed management, river restoration, plant ecohydrology, dendroecology;  aridland and Mediterranean ecosystems
Eric J. Ward NOAA quantitative ecology
Bradford P. Wilcox Texas A&M University ecohydrology and arid lands/rangeland studies
Aaron J. Wirsing University of Washington predator ecology
Xiangming Xiao University of Oklahoma remote sensing and GIS, biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems; climate change; infectious diseases.