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Special Feature: Overcompensation 30 Years Later

Editors: Ken Paige, University of Illinois; Satu Ramula, University of Turku; Tommy Lennartssn, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Juha Tuomi, University of Turku; Donald Strong, University of California
Plants have evolved a variety of mechanisms for reducing the negative effects of herbivory, including the production of structural and chemical defensive traits that reduce or prevent tissue damage by herbivores and tolerance strategies that allow plants to compensate for tissues lost with little or no decrement in fitness. In particular, interest in tolerance was motivated by empirical studies demonstrating that herbivore damage can, under certain circumstances, increase, rather than decrease, plant reproductive success (a specialized case of tolerance termed overcompensation, i.e., increased flower, fruit, and seed production following herbivory). The Special Feature summarizes the current knowledge gathered from 30 years of tolerance studies and add new insights covering topics on 1) the mechanistic basis of tolerance and resistance, 2) the role of tolerance in plant invasions, 3) interspecific relationships among tolerance, resistance, and resource limitation, 4) whether selection for apical dominance is due to competition or release of apical dominance following herbivore damage and 5) the potential application of overcompensation to the field of agriculture. 

Centennial Special Feature: ESA Centennial Papers

11 November 2016
The ESA Centennial Special Feature for Ecology is a collection of six papers commissioned by the journal editors to commemorate the ESA Centennial celebration.

MacArthur Award Series

Last updated:
14 October 2016
The Robert H. MacArthur Award is given biennially to an established ecologist in mid-career for meritorious contributions to ecology. The Ecological Society of America (ESA) Awards Committee solicits and encourages nominations from ESA members. The recipient is invited to prepare an address for presentation at the ESA annual meeting and for publication in Ecology.

Centennial Special: Notable Papers in ESA History

ESA’s Centennial celebration included a reflection upon the most notable papers published in ESA journals. These papers made significant impacts on the science of ecology and are a starting point for contemplation, discussion, and future directions.The papers are freely available through the end of 2016.