Ecological Society of America

Spatial scale mediates the effects of biodiversity on marine primary producers
Matthew E. S. Bracken, James G. Douglass, Valerie Perini, Geoffrey C. Trussell

The relative importance of pollinator abundance and species richness for the temporal variance of pollination services
Mark A. Genung, Jeremy Fox, Neal M. Williams, Claire Kremen, John Ascher, Jason Gibbs, Rachael Winfree

Agricultural land-use history causes persistent loss of plant phylogenetic diversity
Nash E. Turley, Lars A. Brudvig

Effects of biodiversity strengthen over time as ecosystem functioning declines at low and increases at high biodiversity
Sebastian T. Meyer, Anne Ebeling, Nico Eisenhauer, Lionel Hertzog, Helmut Hillebrand, Alexandru Milcu, Sven Pompe, Maike Abbas, Holger Bessler, Nina Buchmann, Enrica De Luca, Christof Engels, Markus Fischer, Gerd Gleixner, Anika Hudewenz, Alexandra‐Maria Klein, Hans de Kroon, Sophia Leimer, Hannah Loranger, Liesje Mommer, Yvonne Oelmann, Janneke M. Ravenek, Christiane Roscher, Tanja Rottstock, Christoph Scherber, Michael Scherer‐Lorenzen, Stefan Scheu, Bernhard Schmid, Ernst‐Detlef Schulze, Andrea Staudler, Tanja Strecker, Vicky Temperton, Teja Tscharntke, Anja Vogel, Winfried Voigt, Alexandra Weigelt, Wolfgang Wilcke, Wolfgang W. Weisser

Is biodiversity bad for your health?
Richard S. Ostfeld, Felicia Keesing

Understanding the drivers of Southeast Asian biodiversity loss
Alice C. Hughes

Restoration and management for plant diversity enhances the rate of belowground ecosystem recovery
Ryan P. Klopf, Sara G. Baer, Elizabeth M. Bach, Johan Six

Moving beyond the concept of “primary forest” as a metric of forest environment quality
Bernier, P. Y., Paré, D., Stinson, G., Bridge, S. R. J., Kishchuk, B. E., Lemprière, T. C., Thiffault, E., Titus, B. D. and Vasbinder, W.

Decadal Bering Sea seascape change: consequences for Pacific walruses and indigenous hunters
G. Carleton Ray, Gary L. Hufford, James E. Overland, Igor Krupnik, Jerry McCormick‐Ray, Karen Frey, Elizabeth Labunski

Linking modern coexistence theory and contemporary niche theory
Andrew D. Letten, Po‐Ju Ke, Tadashi Fukami

Large niche differences emerge at the recruitment stage to stabilize grassland coexistence
Chengjin Chu, Peter B. Adler

Ecology in an anthropogenic biosphere
Erle C. Ellis

Effect of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning: a consensus of current knowledge
D. U. Hooper, F. S. Chapin III, J. J. Ewel, A. Hector, P. Inchausti, S. Lavorel, J. H. Lawton, D. M. Lodge, M. Loreau, S. Naeem, B. Schmid, H. Setälä, A. J. Symstad, J. Vandermeer, D. A. Wardle

Land sparing is crucial for urban ecosystem services
Iain Stott, Masashi Soga, Richard Inger, Kevin J Gaston

Environmental flows for natural, hybrid, and novel riverine ecosystems in a changing world
Mike Acreman, Angela H Arthington, Matthew J Colloff, Carol Couch, Neville D Crossman, Fiona Dyer, Ian Overton, Carmel A Pollino, Michael J Stewardson, William Young

Whales as marine ecosystem engineers
Joe Roman, James A Estes, Lyne Morissette, Craig Smith, Daniel Costa, James McCarthy, JB Nation, Stephen Nicol, Andrew Pershing, Victor Smetacek

British Ecological Society

Positive species diversity and above‐ground biomass relationships are ubiquitous across forest strata despite interference from overstorey trees
Yu Zhang, Han Y. H. Chen, Anthony R. Taylor

Diversity effects on root length production and loss in an experimental grassland community
Liesje Mommer, Francisco M. Padilla, Jasper van Ruijven, Hannie de Caluwe, Annemiek Smit‐Tiekstra, Frank Berendse, Hans de Kroon

Crown plasticity enables trees to optimize canopy packing in mixed‐species forests
Tommaso Jucker, Olivier Bouriaud, David A. Coomes

Mammalian engineers drive soil microbial communities and ecosystem functions across a disturbance gradient
David J. Eldridge, Manuel Delgado‐Baquerizo, Jason N. Woodhouse, Brett A. Neilan

Ant-mediated ecosystem functions on a warmer planet: effects on soil movement, decomposition and nutrient cycling
Israel Del Toro, Relena R. Ribbons, Aaron M. Ellison

The invasion of southern South America by imported bumblebees and associated parasites
Regula Schmid‐Hempel, Michael Eckhardt, David Goulson, Daniel Heinzmann, Carlos Lange, Santiago Plischuk, Luisa R. Escudero, Rahel Salathé, Jessica J. Scriven, Paul Schmid‐Hempel

Bridging ecology and conservation: from ecological networks to ecosystem function
Eric Harvey, Isabelle Gounand, Colette L. Ward, Florian Altermatt

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in forest ecosystems: a research agenda for applied forest ecology
Akira S. Mori, Kenneth P. Lertzman, Lena Gustafsson

Can landscape-scale approaches to conservation management resolve biodiversity-ecosystem service trade-offs?
Justine E. Cordingley, Adrian C. Newton, Robert J. Rose, Ralph T. Clarke, James M. Bullock

Plant species richness negatively affects root decomposition in grasslands
Hongmei Chen, Liesje Mommer, Jasper van Ruijven, Hans de Kroon, Christine Fischer, Arthur Gessler, Anke Hildebrandt, Michael Scherer‐Lorenzen, Christian Wirth, Alexandra Weigelt

Woody plant biomass and carbon exchange depend on elephant-fire interactions across a productivity gradient in African savanna
Adam F. A. Pellegrini, Robert M. Pringle, Navashni Govender, Lars. O. Hedin

Looking at past domestication to secure ecosystem services of future croplands
Ruben Milla, Pablo García‐Palacios, Silvia Matesanz

A trophic interaction framework for identifying the invasive capacity of novel organisms
Marcin Penk, Wolf‐Christian Saul, Jaimie T.A. Dick, Ian Donohue, Mhairi E. Alexander, Stefan Linzmaier, Jonathan M. Jeschke

A general sampling formula for community structure data
Bart Haegeman, Rampal S. Etienne

Seen once or more than once: applying Good–Turing theory to estimate species richness using only unique observations and a species list
Anne Chao, Robert K. Colwell, Chun‐Huo Chiu, Ditch Townsend

Ecology and Evolution

Ecological role of vertebrate scavengers in urban ecosystems in the UK
Richard Inger, Daniel T. C. Cox, Esra Per, Briony A. Norton and Kevin J. Gaston

Plant functional diversity enhances associations of soil fungal diversity with vegetation and soil in the restoration of semiarid sandy grassland
Xiaoan Zuo, Shaokun Wang, Peng Lv, Xin Zhou, Xueyong Zhao, Tonghui Zhang and Jing Zhang

Explaining forest productivity using tree functional traits and phylogenetic information: two sides of the same coin over evolutionary scale?
Alain Paquette, Simon Joly and Christian Messier