Types of Contributions

The Bulletin accepts the following types of contributions:

  • Letter to the Editor and Commentaries -- Letters, longer commentaries, and philosophical and methodological items related to the science of ecology.
  • Announcements and Society Actions -- Includes all ESA-related announcements, candidates for offices, nominations for ESA awards and for fellows and early career fellows, student awards and judges for student awards, (non-ESA) conference announcements of interest to members, and links to Annual Meeting abstracts and Reports to Council (October issue only).
  • Resolutions of Respect -- Obituaries of ESA members.
  • Paper Trail -- The idea is a brief essay on paper(s) that have had particular influence on the ideas and approaches to ecology from ecology and related disciplines. The essay will both identify a paper or papers that were particularly important in catalyzing future developments at least to the writer of the essay. The essay is a personal viewpoint.
  • Contributions -- All unsolicited contributions that do not fall into any of the categories listed.
  • Photo Gallery -- Supplementary photographs and captions associated with articles accepted for the ESA journals. (The articles may be published or awaiting publication.)
  • ECO 101 -- Scholarly articles on ecology education.
  • Emerging Technologies -- New technological tools, research techniques, computer programs, and other new methodologies.
  • Public Affairs Perspective -- Discussions of the links between ecology and public policy.
  • Ecology on the Web -- Discussions of Web sites relevant to ecologists.
  • Ecological Education K-12 -- Articles on ecology in education relevant to the K–12 age group.
  • Networks, Centers, Observatories, and Field Stations -- Can range from descriptions of facilities to news and ongoing development to annual reports.
  • Meeting Announcements -- Brief prose description of the upcoming meeting.
  • Meeting Reviews -- Reviews of presentations/seminars/workshops from the ESA Annual Meeting and other ESA-associated meetings
  • Editorials – opinion pieces on current topics
  • Book Reviews – reviews of recent literature published in book form
  • Erratum – essential corrections