Call for Papers

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability (EHS) is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal launched jointly by the Ecological Society of America and the Ecological Society of China in March 2015. EHS publishes articles on advances in macro-ecology and sustainability science, impacts of global environmental change on ecosystem conditions, new methods for simulation or modeling of ecosystem changes under human intervention at regional or global scales, and policy simulation or options for resilience or restoration of degraded ecosystems. EHS focuses on applying the theory, principles, and concepts of ecology to support sustainable development, especially in regions undergoing rapid environmental change.

EHS welcomes your submission. We are looking for the following types of articles:

  • Research Articles describe complex, original observational, experimental, or theoretical studies that, due to their very integrated nature, defy dissolution into shorter publications focused on a single topic or message.
  • Critical Reviews are comprehensive, synthetic papers that describe recent developments of interdisciplinary significance and highlight future directions for ecological research.
  • Policy Forum Papers are relatively short, high-impact discussion papers examining the implications of incorporating ecological theory, principles, and methods into policy making and/or practical resource management.
  • Comments and Replies consist of short letters to the Editor, responding to papers that have previously been published in this or another publication.
  • International Collaborative Studies are reports on important new results or progress in international collaborative ecological studies (transnational and multinational collaborative projects and programs) of broad significance.

Please read the Author Guidelines for information on preparing and submitting your article to us.